Security Intelligence

We will help you build a unified management console



S-Blox has partnered with HP in the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) space, to offer HPE ArcSight, which is one of the market leader in SIEM solutions and ranked by Gartner Magic Quadrant for the past 12 years.

HPE Security ArcSight is advanced analytics platform that dramatically cuts down the time to detect and respond to threats. It is designed to take information from other systems and correlate the events into a management console allowing you to take important decisions quickly via SOC environment.

ArcSight SIEM solution is a comprehensive threat detection and compliance management platform with a flexible architecture allowing organizations to easily scale out their existing deployments.

Key Benefits and Features

Easily expand the size and breadth of a deployment. Security teams can begin with a small, midsized or large deployment and add new processing or functional capabilities on the fly.
Easily setup and maintain your SIEM solution with predefined and out of the box correlation rules, use cases and reports.
Automate threat prioritization and identify and respond to true threats.
Automate complex compliance tasks, meet regulatory requirements and make compliance programs more efficient, effective, and auditable.
Access to cutting-edge security information whether you are a small or large SOC.