Lines of business

We play mainly in three areas:
Collaboration Unified Communications and Contact Center, Data Security and Application Development …

Unified Communications and Collaboration applications and solutions
that is tuned for business use but with a social touch, including our mobile first App, s-blox, that facilitate conversations, communication, content sharing and annotations in work streams that keep related content together managed entirely from any phone as well as Mac, Windows, tablets and the web, thus truly an anywhere anytime access.

Customer Experience and Call Center Solutions
S-Blox Cloud call center (CC) ​is a next generation cloud platform, offering a scalable, multichannel contact center solution with the fastest time to deployment and simple, cost effective pricing. S-Blox CC​ is a multichannel all-in-one contact center solution that enables organizations to interact with customers anywhere. over phone, chat, text, all within a single application, record conversation, IVR options and make outbound dialing.

Unified Communications and Collaboration
S-Blox - Data security

Data Security,
where we provide businesses the building blocks needed to identify the day to day threats and network vulnerabilities they face and, have a better visibility and control of their networks hence be able to protect their enterprise, eliminate rogue devices and facilitate delivery of applications and data to any device securely. From end-to-end encryption for data in rest and data in motion, Network Access Control, Mobile device/Application/Content Management to Proactive detection and management of breaches via tight coupling of analytics, correlation, and orchestration, establishing a situational awareness to find and shut down threats at scale, hence adopting true defense in depth and breadth strategy.

Application Design & Development,
we are experts in design and custom software development in enterprise solutions, web and mobile applications. From gathering initial information to the creation of the software solution or App, and finally to maintenance to keep it all up to date and current. We deliver a full range of custom .NET, web and mobile solutions for different business to meet partner's demand.

S-blox - Application Design & Development