S-Blox Cloud Contact Center

Inbound Voice, Multimedia, Outbound Dialer, IVR, Reporting & Recording

Ease of implementation, no capital investment, pay-as-you-go pricing, reduced system maintenance and access to the latest technology.

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

    By Capturing resource skill sets in the routing
    database contacts are routed to the right
    resource by skill type.

    Agents has a rich Unified Agent desktop with
    advanced contact handling features, on demand
    access to customer information and immediate
    access to experts.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    Lower service costs by automating self service
    interactions across multiplw media inclusing voice,
    mobile, and integrated voice response to
    outbound voice, email and SMS text Interactions.

  • Reporting

    Monitor and analyze virtually everything in your
    contact center - from wait times to average answer
    speeds to percent reduction over the past year in
    abandoned call times.

    Get real-time monitoring to make "on the fly"
    decisions and leverage historical data to develop
    new and improved procedures.

  • Call Recorder

    Capture customer interactions across a wide range
    of channels, Reliably record all voice transactions
    across multiple sites, and capture transactions that
    may be of particular interest to you.

  • Multimedia

    Let customers contact you through their channel
    of choice(Voice, email, chat or Video).

  • Outbound Dialer

    It is a customized IVR application that makes
    outgoing calls to inform the recveiver with a voice
    message. It works by extracting numbers from a
    database or basic spreadsheet to make the call.

S-Blox Cloud

S-Blox Cloud Contact Center software eliminates the
hassle and expense of traditional on-premise contact
center software. Agents can log into S-Blox from anywhere
- they just need a computer, a headset, and a high-speed
internet connection.


S-Blox provides everything you need to run an effective
inbound, outbound, or blended contact center, including
omnichannel management applications such as real-time
and historical reporting, recording, quality monitoring,
CRM integrations, and more ...