Comprehensive Security

Don’t just connect the dots but control them.

Eco-system Partnership.

Eco-system Partnership

S-blox ‘aka’ Smart & Secure Blox have strategically partnered with one of the best leading security vendors on the market to provide an end-to-end, open, adaptive, intelligent and integrated state of the art encryption blocks that are easily managed and add value to your business. We will help you integrate these solutions in a robust and seamless manner. At S-blox we strive to give our customers the right choices whilst not compromising on security without conflict of interest. We can work with any vendor and we are vendor agnostic. All our solutions are designed to add strategic value to our customers and we always have our customers at heart of any security solution we promote and deploy.

Solutions & Services Overview

Getting to know you:
It is in our DNA to get to know your businesses strategies and form a link with your key business stakeholders in order for us to understand your business practices, culture and security concerns so that we can translate your security concerns to form security solutions that is right for you.

Tailor security to fit your requirements:
Where we add value is our consultative approach to bring tailored security that caters the needs and requirements to different businesses. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Which is why we tailor our security services and solutions to your specific requirements ensuring that your time and budget is wisely spent. Our services are tuned and combined to deliver solutions that fit your culture and your key business requirements and objectives.

With our partners we deliver comprehensive secure solutions in blocks that can integrate to any part of your organization in a clear and a transparent manner. We understand the rapid demands of everyday business whether it is Enterprise Mobility in line with your company digital transformation or Network Security Analytic to give you a better view what is happening in your network. We will work with you in every step of the way to deliver secure business environment whether it is securing your Application, Data, Network (wired or wireless), Encryption and Mobile.

Ongoing support:
We are always on-hand to provide you support throughout the engagement process and are your trusted advisors to support you above and beyond the call of duty.

Solutions & Services Overview