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We give business the social touch needed for true collaboration

Smart Blocks

“Smart Blocks” aka “S-blox” is a Danish technology start-up geared to be part of the emerging market disruption, we come from a rich heritage of collaboration experts and aim to deliver clean slate solutions based on 3rd platform technologies, with no legacy systems or heavy investments to weigh it down.

We strongly believe that communications should be affordable hence we adopted a Mobile 1st enterprise consumerization approach to deliver alternative communications solution at a much lower cost, with ease of implementation and with greater flexibility.

Our smart blocks offering is an enabler for business to consummate matches among users and facilitate the creation and exchange of goods, services and social currency thus create a value. In other words, s-blox gives your business the social touch it needs for more collaboration.
Smart Blocks


“S” in our name also stands for secure, so communications should not only be smart but secure as well, and thus we made sure Enterprise Security is an area of focus and specialty.

We have a mobile security framework that serves as a guide to help enterprises think about the full spectrum of mobile threats that exist in the market, and then develop a mobile security strategy that considers all of those threats.

A strategy that starts with securing the devices and then moving on to securing content and collaboration, safeguarding applications and data, and then finally managing access and fraud. We think about these challenges holistically.

Our solutions

Would enable businesses to be more smart by embedding the right communications and collaborations tools to do the job. It would also offer visibility and control of customer's network, allowing them to identify network vulnerabilities, eliminate rogue devices and facilitate delivery of applications and data to any device securely.

Our Mission

Statement is “To become a regional leader in the ICT space that provides maximum value for money for all our customers".
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S-Blox is currently in beta launch and full launch date will be announced shortly

Our Partners

  • Fire Eye
  • Utimaco
  • Mobile Iron
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Certes Network
  • Fore scout
  • The security Bureau
  • Moxtra